Stumpf and Company has been teaching real estate seminars for nearly 4 decades! Ron started teaching his first seminar because he wanted to do something no one else was doing. He knew it was an innovative way to connect buyers and sellers while giving people the right tools to become more confident in investing. A couple of years ago, Veronica started teaching seminars about investing in the growing Downtown Fresno real estate market.

After taking our seminars, people become more comfortable working with us because they know we are the leading experts in the community. Some of our most successful clients have had their start in investing in real estate by taking our seminars. Our seminars are geared towards the aspiring, new, or seasoned investor.

Upcoming Seminars


Making Money in Real Estate

by Ron Stumpf

This 3-week course covers purchasing, financing, exchanges, foreclosures, fixer-uppers, property management, leasing, and reducing taxes through real estate investments.  Learn to start an investment plan, establish goals, and evaluate real estate investments from a broker and investor of over 40 years. The knowledge you will gain is equivalent to courses costing 20 times more than this course! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.

Frequency: 3 Tuesdays, 6-9PM
Begins: February 11, 2020. Registration opens in Winter.
Location: Clovis Adult Education

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Lunch & Learn: What Every Business Owner Should Know Leasing Commercial Space

by Veronica Stumpf

Lunch & Learn - Seminar Series through the Fresno Chamber of Commerce

Whether you’re a new business opening your first storefront or an established business looking to expand, leasing commercial space will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. We’ll go over the step-by-step process including finding the perfect location, different types of leases, and negotiating favorable terms. You’ll leave knowing the industry lingo and tips to give you a valuable head start.

When: September 26 2019, 11:30AM-1PM
Location: Fresno Chamber of Commerce

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